How long will it take to receive my order?
In national shipments you will have it in your hands in 2 / 3 working days and for international orders 5 / 7 working days.
For more information see the shipping and returns page.
Will I receive a confirmation email?
You will receive a confirmation email with your order, and once your order is shipped you will receive a text message with your tracking number.
Can I return or exchange a product?
You can exchange and return all products in the store except customized products and provided they are in perfect condition within 30 days.
You can find more info by clicking HERE
I received my order without customizing it. Can I customize it now?
If you placed your order without personalizing it we cannot send you a personalized one. In case you want it personalized you would have to send it to us and bear the cost of returning and resending it to your home address.
Is it possible to apply a discount code after purchase?
Discounts cannot be applied once the purchase has been made. Discount codes are only effective at the time of payment by the customer. 
I've got the wrong delivery address, what can I do?
As soon as you realize your mistake write an email to and if the order has not gone out we will change it. In the case that the shipment has already been made change the address will have a cost envelope that will be paid by the customer.
I have the wrong iPhone model, is it possible to change it?
As it is a customized product, it is not possible to exchange or return when the error lies in the incorrect choice of the iPhone model by the buyer. 
How should I clean the leather from my product?
If you need to clean it, you should always do so with a damp cloth, NEVER use baby wipes or wipes containing alkaline substances, or soaps.
You can find more info by clicking HERE
I bought a replica of the AirPods, are the "The Abat" cases suitable for my headphones?
The Abat is designed based on the original Apple AirPods, so only replicas of the helmets that are exactly the same size as the originals will fit.  
Can I add more than 3 letters to the customization?
At the moment the maximum number of initials allowed on our products is 3. If you have a special order and want to ask if it is possible to make another type of personalization you can write to us at so that we can check it out and make sure if it's possible.
I received my AirPod case and it is not closed. How does it work?
The case does not have any kind of magnet or closure. When the AirPod case itself is inserted, it will be completely closed hermetically.
How do I remove the AirPod case?
Are there any other customisation colours?
At the moment we only have the customization of initials in silver and gold but we are open to suggestions, any idea you have do not hesitate to write us.
Are the initials of the product erased?
Our initials are heat-sealed, weather-resistant, but it is best to try to keep them out of contact with other objects, or rub them with your fingers, etc., so that they last in the product as long as possible. 
Are there more iPhone models than those available on the web?
Only iPhone XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max models are available at the moment. 
Any other doubt or suggestion you may have, you can consult us through our mail or HERE.